Purchase the license

Use the film as a tool for fundraising, screen it during a company gathering to motivate your team, or use it as an educational piece for students, doctors, scientists, or industry professionals.


Organize your event

Structure and organize it however you like. Just make sure you have solid A/V gear so viewers can see and hear the film properly.


Popcorn Time!

You’ll receive a link to download the film one week prior to your event.

The overarching message of the film appeals to a wide audience and has application in schools, universities, businesses and non-profits.  Licensing fee for one-time use is $1500 for businesses and $750 for schools and non-profits.

To add a personal touch to the presentation of the film, you may also request to have Dan Salvo, the film’s creator, to attend your screening in person. This option is dependent on availability and location but typically costs $3000 plus travel. This includes the licensing fee for the film. He will be available before, during and after the screening to announce / present the film and for any Q&A. Contact us for more information.

Screening Resources

Film Artwork #1 – Horizontal

Film Artwork #1 – Vertical

Film Artwork #2 – Horizontal

Film Artwork #2 – Vertical